I know the weather hasn’t been the best this season, however you can celebrate your Calgary home this time of year with just a few tricks

  • Try Solar lights – either in your front yard or back – they provide a soft glow to a snowy landscape – simply wrap a small tree or bush with a string of white mini lights
  • If you are selling your home  – these will add an element of wonder to dark winter nights AND appeal to the potential Buyer
  • What about an overhead patio heater on your deck to take the chill off the air, or
  • Light a fire pit on a mild evening, toasting marshmallows, or sipping hot chocolate or spirits of your choice!
  • Colorful bird houses or bird baths can add some interesting visual effects.
  • Even apartment balconies can be magical with bands of white stringed lights
  • Taking time to sit and relax is good for you, and the quiet serenity of a winter garden is perfect for reflection or meditating.
  • On a warm winter evening I myself will sit on my patio and just listen to the winter sounds – the snow has a way of making everything look and feel magical and I often wonder how others are enjoying a warm winter evening

Try it .. just once – of course NOT when it is -30! … there are some really very nice winter evenings here in Calgary – you may be surprised! What ideas do you have to share? Contact me now with your ideas! Until next Sunday – HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

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