The Value of a Home Inspection

Buying a home in today’s Calgary real estate market comes with some conditions – one of which is a Home Inspection.

A Home Inspection is NOT to find a reason to adjust the offer price …

A Home Inspection IS so that you know what maintenance YOU have to do in order to keep your investment valuable.

In most cases, the Seller isn’t trying to slide things under the carpet in hopes that you don’t find out anything that may be of a concern. Most Sellers are advised by their Realtor to either
a) Fix items they know about that MAY cause an issue, or
b) Have a ‘pre-sale’ inspection to address any issues a Home Inspector may find pre listing

You want to make sure that your inspector is currently Licensed in the province of Alberta

So remember that a home inspection is to the benefit of the home buyer so that you can schedule maintenance throughout the year to keep your home in the best condition possible for selling in the future.


  1. You are absolutely right, home inspection is a benefit of the home buyer. Actually it could turn out to be a life saver….OK a huge money saver. I can attest to that.

    A few years ago I found what I thought is the perfect rental home, it was priced just a bit below what I expected (now I know it was a bait) and really wanted to buy it. TG we had a thorough house inspection and turned out they had a hidden structural damage that would’ve cost us at least 40 grand to fix it…..

    Home inspection is money well spent.


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