Calgary Raised Bed Gardening

Calgary Raised Bed Gardening

 Calgary Raised Bed Gardening

  • Have you ever wanted to grow your own herbs, vegetables or even fruit?
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Yum – Home Grown

  • Do you worry about food production in the near future?
  • Do you question what is in the food you consume or the unsustainable growing techniques used?

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting the “Dirt Boys” when I participated in the Hillhurst/ Sunnyside Farmers Market last month (featuring my Fanciful Watercolors Cards and Cosmetic Bags)
I was interested in their offering as I know most of my Calgary Real Estate clients aren’t professional gardeners but would like to have something that they can participate in without much effort on their part and yet reap the benefits of growing their own foods.
An Excerpt from their site …..“Dirt Boys’ mandate is to change our city one yard at a time. Grass is too much work and resources for what we get out of it. Why not convert that yard to a thriving, productive vegetable, fruit or herb garden?”

Buying Homes in Calgary

Raised Garden Beds in Calgary

How Awesome is that!!!! – The out of the box Green Yard Garden starter package includes:

  • An onsite Free inspection to make sure your yard is viable for a raised bed garden
  • 1 8×4 raised bed garden complete with soil
  • 1 rain barrel connected to your downspout with the attractive Water saver downspout
  •  diverter, raised enough to easily get your watering can underneath.
  • 1 compost heap custom constructed and placed on site
  • Site cleanup
  • Location must be in Urban Calgary.

I hope that you enjoyed this little bit of information from “Buying Homes in Calgary” with Sue Chorney and, if you have any Calgary Real Estate questions that I can address, please go to my contact page and leave me your query and contact information

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