Oh No – A Panic Purchaser

The most frightening thing for me when I’m with a purchaser is that they may become a panic purchaser!

What do I mean about that? ..

Well – sometimes a purchaser becomes frustrated if their house search becomes longer than they anticipated – and some have good reasons and others not – but the issue about that is that they get discouraged and just buy for the sake of buying because they are getting tired …

It may be a time constraint so they settle for any home because they are afraid of being homeless

Another may be because the market is fast and homes are being sold quicker than normal and the purchaser is afraid of losing the next home ..
Whatever the reason – Stand back and take a deep breath – nothing is worse than making a decision out of fear

I truly believe that things happen for a reason and that you will NOT be left homeless or wind up living in a home that you truly don’t love! – in the years I’ve been in the business – I have yet to have a client be left homeless!

You decisions become so skewed that anything becomes justifiable – as an experienced realtor I can spot this panic immediately and I really try and reel in my clients who become unravelled – sometimes it works and sometimes not – if your realtor suspects you are heading that way – please listen to their suggestions to calm down

You may have to take a day off and NOT peruse the internet – remember that your realtor has ALL the information at their fingertips – you searching the ‘net’ won’t uncover something that your realtor hasn’t discovered already for you – UNLESS you change your criteria and NOT tell them. Honestly – your realtor is NOT HIDING information from you

I once had a client actually admit that she thought I wasn’t showing everything to her – now what is the logic about that? Your realtor is your confident during this process – work as a team and KNOW that your chosen real estate agent wants only the best for you – after all – we want you as a repeat customer AND to refer business to us as that is a very flattering compliment to have a client refer your services!

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