It IS MORE than just Staging!

1. If there is a garage door make sure it’s freshly painted if needed! – whether attached OR detached
2.  Make sure the Garage Door is not on it’s last hinges and that the door opener works!
3.  Freshly cut grass is a good thing!
4.  Snow shovelled walkways and driveways is a MUST – it’s not only appealing but a SAFETY ISSUE!
5.  Make sure your exterior or porch light is working and lit for evening viewings
6.  Make sure ALL interior lights working!
7. Dirty Windows? – Wash them!
8. Water stains under windows or the ceilings – MAKE SURE they are corrected or a sign that indicates the problem and if you will be correcting it!
9. Toilets are flushed and the lids DOWN!
10.  Bathtubs CLEAN!
11. NO Dirty dishes – ANYWHERE!


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