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Are you Ready to sell? Have you ever stopped on the street to admire a beautiful home, – then you know the meaning of curb appeal – It is easier than you think – and very very rewarding when anticipating selling your home!

Be impeccable with basic maintenance – really start looking thru the eyes of the buyer

An obviously well-maintained home can earn not only genuine curb appeal but alerts the potential buyer that you have pride of ownership.

  1. Start at the top. If you see any worn shingles or flashing, call in the roofer.
  2. Fix or replace sagging eavestroughs or downspouts.
  3. Upgrade older doors and windows – at the very least, wash all front-facing windows and/or paint the  trim.
  4. Touch up exterior finishes – Look  for any signs of peeling paint, loose mortar or damaged siding, and make  appropriate repairs.
  5. Repair entryways –  Fill in cracks or unevenness in steps AND walkways to ensure a safe and level path – make sure the exterior light  WORKS and remember to leave it on for evening showings –  SHOVEL SNOW IN WINTER
  6. Organize your clutter. Stow garbage bins,  kids’ toys and sports equipment out of sight.

Aside from the pleasure of strolling through a well-appointed front garden or walkway, well-planned landscaping can add to the perceived value of a home.

  1.  Tame jungle-like areas or unruly weeds
  2. Turn bare spots or shady no-grow zones into a design feature using ground covers such as mulch, pretty pea gravel or river stones.
  3. If you plant a well-chosen container at the front entry it can be a welcome feeling
  4. Woo guests with an inviting outdoor bench or chair, if there’s room for seating by the door or on the porch..
  5. Consider repainting the front door or porch
  6. Check the condition of hardware – door knobs – mail boxes – hose hangers.

So Remember – You don’t get a 2nd chance to make a FIRST Impression!

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